a partial list, in no particular order.

  • just because someone offers you jello shots at 5am doesn’t necessarily mean you should do them (but you probably should, at least once).
  • sometimes breakfast happens at 5pm, or 3am. 
  • if you ask a stripper to contribute a line to the poem you’re writing, she will probably feel uncomfortable and is likely to refuse.
  • when selecting a street-psychic, trust the intuition of your psychically-gifted friends.
  • flower crowns.
  • it’s fun to play music in the street.
  • chain-smoking cigarettes, even pretty nat sherman fantasias, for days on end will make you feel like death.
  • mornings are for front porches.
  • eventually bodies need food, water, and sleep.
  • most people are kinder than they might seem.
  • mediocre poetry can still posses exquisite charm.
  • trust the city and it will love you; fear the city and it will feel scary.
  • cajun food isn’t really spicy without hot sauce.
  • raves are only moderately fun if it’s raining and you aren’t on drugs.
  • sometimes cemeteries are closed at night.
  • promoting poetry events in subtly slutty dresses selected by your mom is super-effectuve.
  • a bloody mary and a ring pop is not sufficient dinner if you’re also planning to do 9million shots.
  • the united airlines terminal in the new orleans airport is awful.

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