The child who becomes a BwO lives in the forest of language which is to say that space  wherein takes place the constant gestation of the universe, causing us to perceive meaning and attempt communication. The BwO is a unified disorganization, impossibly non-dualistic such that it is both clearly visible and entirely intangible Because of this the BwO does and does not “exist.”

Existence as defined inside of Media Time requires a multitudinous intersection of networking and embodiment, which presents a paradox because this in and of itself requires dis-embodiment. This is the telephonic moment[1] in which the concepts of self and other are simultaneously established and destroyed, thus creating the anachronistic loop.


Ultimately, the BwO is a site of infection, or the embodiment of symptoms of the same, Media itself being symptomatic of cognizance, the awareness of screens; a machinic body composed of infinitely many separate and sentient systems. “The notion of unity appears only when there is a power takeover in the multiplicity by the signifier.[2]” The BwO only exists as an entity because it can never exist as an entity. The body is defined not in terms of itself but in terms of the manifestations of its infection by reproductions of its own system. Media and media-bodies interact with one another as two cancers attacking one another, constantly breaking themselves down and regenerating the same systems coded, ultimately, to destroy themselves, in such multitudes of evenly-matched power that it is impossible for narrative to have a quality of progress.


[1] See Ronell, 57

[2] Deleuze and Guattari, 9

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