Jiyoon Lee is badass, the outfit I wore yesterday, & other news

yesterday was an exciting day for fashion in south bend, indiana. jiyoon lee, ed trefts, and amanda utzman closed out the 2nd-year ND-MFA reading series at quincy’s cafe, and it was totally rad. ed led readers through infinitely many doors with his maybe-bloodstained stand-up wit & amanda’s swan song was, as always, astonishing. utzman wore head-to-toe theatrical-black with an absolutely delightful rhinestone “A”-charm choker while Ed rocked his signature woody allen-inspired style. in the spirit of japan (the best kind of asian, duh) jiyoon & I dressed up in our favorite fluffy lolita frocks. jiyoon’s romantic drama with her “darling spellcheck machine” was especially intense, so here is a video for her many internet admirers

I wore this outfit in honor of mlle. lee’s harajuku-cute aesthetic. you can look at it on lookbook, where my inner poetry whore will now be throwing occasional fashion-fits @ xocherriecher

I’m coming back into the internet. My horoscope says I’m feeling “nest-y” which for me means I want to spend time with my favorite writers and make a lot of art, preferably in my own apartment or one with a cooler aesthetic. It’s fall and I want to be in new york or the world. today I substitute-taught a fiction class and we talked about imaginary cities and locations and locatability. I think new york is an imaginary city because it always exists exactly how I imagine it, because everything one does in new york feels like art, even if it’s just drinking cuban coffee out of a styrofoam cup and riding the F train. in imaginary south bend styrofoam is actually porcelain, and in the insides of trains, it is always snowing. the streetpeople are especially fashionable with their fingerless gloves. it’s lovely.

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