I am going to make a game and tell a story and it goes like this

yesterday I was in a place with poets and it was lovely.

sometimes it is not lovely when poets gather in fact perhaps often it is not, but this particular instance was lovely. there were a lot of fashionable people around and they were very occupied with the activity of being looked at. there were a lot of really great outfits.

I asked the bartender to make drinks that resembled what he thought of us. this was the first thing I said to him. the qualities of the three drinks were sophisticated teenage sex, syrupy strong, a kick in the teeth.

the fashionable bars and the loud clubs are bad places to talk about poetry so they are the best places to talk about poetry. then one adjourns to the quiet mahogany place.

I have a desire to discuss the things I care about more than anything and few people can tolerate that conversation. I can barely tolerate that conversation. but I cannot stop having it.

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