” I think dream-gmail-convos about art may be the modern expression of the oracle at delphi, by the way.”

I’ve had to articulate no less than 3 times in the past week that scholars of contemporary poetry are screwed because we poets don’t send letters anymore, we have gchats and texts. so, here’s a gchat, just over a year old, between myself and one of the most talented poets I know. enjoy, study, archive, etc.

that would be Ezra Pound & TS Eliot. AKA myself & Matthew Macfarland, obvi.

5:24 PM Matt: your comments are so great. did you notice that one of the sections, the one about the child’s death, is end-rhymed?

5:25 PM i just thought it was funny, since some of the comments for that section are to change lines and cut words at the ends of linesvand i was afraid that the “o mississippi” bit was too cheesy, but i did like it too

5:26 PM me: Haha yes, I did notice the end rhyme!
Matt: ok, ok
5:27 PM and thanks for being so speedy with responding. my advisor takes like a week every time
me: Haha no worries mine does too
5:28 PM I’m sooo picky about punctuation and lineation I drive myself nuts with it
 Matt: i am too. i’ve never written with so many periods
  i could tell they bothered you
5:30 PM me: They usually dont
5:31 PM I’m a fan of grammatically correct punctuation
  But sometimes a semicolon or dash is more efficient
5:32 PM Matt: i am too, it’s the editor in us
 me: Bro, I’m pretty drunk. And talking about poetry. This is gonna be my life!
 Matt: why are you drunk it’s so early@
  i am happy that you are though
  and envious
 me: Yes! I hate poetry with no punctuation at all!
 Matt: haha
 me: My aunt threw me a bday party lol
 Matt: i mean it can be done, but not often
  it’s your bday?
5:34 PM me: Monday
 Matt: 22 right?
 me: Yes! I’m so old!
5:35 PM Matt: haha
  for an mfa student you’re a baby
  i will be too hopefully
 me: Yes!
  You will be
5:36 PM That will be the poem that gets you in
 Matt: dang
5:37 PM hadn’t thought of it like that
 me: You started your portfolios yet?
5:38 PM Matt: no, i’m rushing to get the summer thing done. it’s going to be a portfolio more or less though
 me: Yeah
5:39 PM Matt: is it just a doc with like 5 poems in it?
 me: It sucks bc every school has different requirements
 Matt: or is there more
 me: Some have # of poems, some # of pages
5:40 PM Matt: ok
  i’m glad you’re doing it now. you’re like my spy on the inside
 me: Yes!
5:42 PM I will let you know all of the secrets
 Matt: excellent
 me: And you should totally apply to nd 🙂
 Matt: fo sho
  who are the poets there?
5:43 PM me: Cornelius eady, steve thomasula, joyelle mcsweeney, and orlando menes
 Matt: damn i don’t recognize any of them
  i know so few names
5:44 PM me: Hardly anyone knows all the names
5:45 PM Joyelle was the only one id heard of before I applied
 Matt: did the figurine image make sense?
  that it was someone falling, head pointing down
5:46 PM it’s not that clear
 me: Yes! That was fucking awesome
 Matt: haha thanks
 me: The toes pointed toward noon bit was especially good
 Matt: wanted to make sure it wasn’t too opaque
5:47 PM me: That’s what got the upside-down across
  No, not at all
  I still down get the one about the falconers arrow though?
 Matt: oh so
  that one is all about Apollo
5:48 PM and the pythian oracle at delphi
  the dude is mad, like the oracle when she’s about to give a response
 me: Ahh, got it
  I really need to brush up on my mythology
5:49 PM Matt: apollo didn’t usually make people mad, but he did kill the python with an arrow where the oracle was at delphi, so that’s why it’s pythian, and why i gave him the tattoo
  yeah, i had a lot of fun with mythology in this
 me: Yeah, you used it really well w/o being obnoxious
5:50 PM Some sbc girl used to try and it was just awful
 Matt: haha
  i mean, if you try to write like homer, you’re going to sound obnoxious
  he can pull it off cause he’s 2700 years old
5:51 PM me: That’s the minimum age limit for writing like that
  Although have you read the penelopiad by margaret atwood?
  That’s badass
5:53 PM Matt: no and it sounds badass
 me: Ugh it is! The odyssey/iliad from penelopy”s pov. And the hanged maidens are the chorus. Its awesomeee
5:54 PM Matt: oh cool! it’s a play?
5:55 PM me: No its an oddly formatted novel lol
5:56 PM Matt: haha. duh matt
5:57 PM me: ;

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