I believe that man is great.

like, one time, I read the fountainhead over summer break —

it was totes beach.

like, that boy so hot I’d tap that w/o tequilla.

howard roark is a 10 ! (obvs)

+ gets the girl game

+ + if all the buildings crumble & cornerstones cracked open inside a small level turned self & raised face for a plane.

the plane reflecting life it is great. by which the sun begat life begat a chalice inside of which a harp plays open blue-prints.

like, I waited & waited in my best dress for a trace of it.

rap, sure, son-bleached girls got swagger. that means sliced grillmarks on the eve of the great erasure. which never. popularity sinks when u don’t deliver. duh young jeez it’s the end of the world. smk a cigar. have a little blue lapel & pin the bleeding reserve.

did u know strong muscles can make beer change colors?

who drinks labels??

the revenge is coming

I bruised eye brews & lost space doubled wear this. go to the embassy in a red suit swear it.

savior you come thru the cent in an hour then returns your things.

we r the THING. weat/her hot or now I know the coat double TIME got da fence.

come back 4 it 2 mar row. tank up. DrANK.

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