there are few things i ❤ more than FASHION & TANTRUMS. the incomparable ms. wiig delivered nearly 3 hours of blazer/minidress/clutch combos so cute I wanted to vom like a B*tCh w/ food poisoning in a white room & threw not one but two epic tantrums & several minifreaks. srsly, bratfest #2 was cuter than a giant cookie puked into an ivory urn by a teddybear princess in pigtails, proving to the viewing community that the best way to get what you want is to throw a fit, then look adorbs & act penitent.



rose byrne played a B*tCh so thorny I wanted to smash her face in for the entirety of the movie. like, wtf shut up yr not a real BESTIE if you wear an evening gown mid-afternoon.  & steal themes, highest heels, sorority-squeal yr way into the spotlight, like, duh, yr supposed to hate her & she rocks it. but “I do not feel sorry for you.” naw, B*tCh, not a bit ❤


(un)fortunately, ms. maya got PIPPA-ED hardcore, which just goes to show that BRATS & B*tCh3$zz run this, & by this I mean, THE SCREEN, like, the silver one, duh.


+ more things I luv : cupcakes, cute cops, john hamm looking like an acromia-liscious @$$ (the acromia : check it : the well-built male’s hottest body part by far), & my very favorite part —

that’s right, WILSON PHILLIPS, aka, the planet’s raddest B*tCh3$zz.

ummm, like, go see it.

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