the thing is, everyone gets it — even the drunk plane-missing crew cuts.

the point is totality; as in, the total sphere of human experience. not necessarily

that which can be assimilated but that which can be appreciated by the MASS.

the MASS which is so hated it’s cancerous. because it is an “accessible” being a hole

opens up its mouth & starts to sing after midnight @ the pub.

wagnerian crows covered in hat, ART crawling though its scare-hole, acoustic staging

wived a maiden, tricked out all the way in a wheat field. a boy/girl tent to stay trimmed,

how original.

this is what it means to be inside of it:

the yellow kitchen a table wrapped flourescent, so you know what a coffee cake

ices in desperation.

I say I could strip down to the upending now I’m done. not an ingenue, a cask,

thought which the sourest pass benign but frighening.


“Could conscious autocratic Thought completely govern Life, could it usurp the vital impulse and divert it to some other purpose than the great Necessity of absolute life-needs: then were Life itself dethroned, and swallowed up in Science.”

the scientific “I” swallows up the collective WANT.

the MASS WANTS a lot of things nice things like clothes, stories, shelter for the rapture, a razor scooter that emits sparks, Ke$ha, red dirt, AMERICAN BLUES, genre, honor cords, melted fats –

there is no room for the MASS or the WANT this is WRITING duh you have to be hot which is to say COLD.






(“like a sigh”)


CONFESSION : (“censored”)


“One, you, she can get around it, can speak, so to speak, make speeches without it and the self is still there, for, as has been said before, what else is there? Who else is speaking?”

science. a PURE language. you have to open your mouth very wide you have to say nothing for you are not.

a collectIve, InsIde of, obnoxIous, STOP. (“saying it!”). YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED.


if you’re going to be a BRAT & SAY “I” best get ready to spend the summer on the farm. pick up a straw hat. throw out your high heels. it’s HIGHLAND RAPE for the girls who won’t play right. sell your self on the stage but don’t forget you’re made of spotlight. none OTHER exists without a whole In which to play, & the PLAY’s the thing, obvIously.

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