the cube is made of mercury. it is liquid but contained within the boundaries of itself. the cube is hovering several feet above the ground, which is red. the sky is a blue which is absurd.

the ladder is jutting out from one face of the cube. it is perpendicular to the ground and the sky. the ladder is short and made of balsa wood.

the horse is gray. it is gray but it appears white. it stands about 15 hands. the horse completely ignores the ladder and the cube. it paws at the ground. it is generally ambivalent.

the storm takes place entirely on the ground. the ground functions as a mirror which emits the storm. it is a lightning storm. the storm doesn’t make any sound. the storm is reflected in the bottom face of the cube. the cube begins to rotate. the sky turns red. the horse remains ambivalent.

the ladder has disappeared.

red poppies grow out of all of the faces of the cube. sometimes some of the red poppies are yellow. the poppies sway & pulse in time with the rhythm of the storm

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