ridges raised a godless girl bloodblistered in percussion.

all my idylls cracked clay, then a cake of black wool boned

grey skyways. a line of flight how cracked out so we stay.

then AMERICA we are a thousand girls we are all of their par

-ts a joinder stretch vampiric. how many trends loosed the

uber-grenade, a marionette wreaking have awk on the stage.

love love love an angel post-ed up on the cork so bored.

love love love a brat screams in a padded room then they all

went wrong. this is the end of something major maxiwig

translates to freakout max. a bare midriff drinks in the aft

her noon, orange sun ‘round these parts squared up on the.

or a gear ternes loose then a phallic. how man almosts well

you have to try the un-bridged. then the latest bitch will make

forgotten crystals. a lot of cries a lot of opened pretend you

are affected chrome. shine it crystalize your pain perform

a pansy translate bad.

a bad translation so you have to stay. so you have to WORK

so you have to go CRAZY.

B-R-A-T spells PEACHY.

B-R-A-T spells you can take me, easy.

my bones are benign for this century, bro. kick back a paper

back command shotgun make it last.

drink everytime you see bad 90s fashion.

then open up a trunk-y vamp de-virgins campfire cramps.

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