HYSTERI(CASE) : ANIMATING APHONIA (the ingenue sits down & sings)

Fig. 4 : “the leading lady sits down on something and sings about what she wants in life.” — waking sleeping beauty

the crux of the song it its impossibility, forced out of the state of becoming which engenders desirability. as in, isn’t my virginity the thing that makes you love me? as in, a constant promise stunted, like, a bliss maintaining purity. the ingénue is outside of temporality. she is always young she is always beautiful it is always springtime wasting vainly.


duration + cessation = a body : that which is in-between. what is the mid-point of an ending? a life. or, an infinite cessation that won’t cease : or, you give up your daughter so that she might be a woman, a perpetual grown-girl, a living doll. babydoll cool & calm & kissing not the husbandman. shutting the light, defiant of springtime in which she is by Nature encased. a whole-eyed unhopeful, knowing her condition :


case study : the ingénue : persephone rising from the winter every spring, only a maidenly body to reflect rather than shed, a light unto the earth don’t touch, a blossom kiss kills consciousness dead


case study : the ingénue : babydoll holed up in a blue-ribbon(ed) dollhouse, doll-eyed opened wide & calm & cool & first time everytime

case study : the ingénue : an utterance that tries not to utter itself, strangled quotations constant present can’t get out


in severe cases of ingénue the hysteric starts to request specific colors of satin for the bodice, which is made to resemble a tulip-lined path (the path, specifically, is made of granite & hurts the knees, there is a kneeler, it is knelt upon, this establishes an Order) then the voicebox grows a defect permanent descant signifies : abject; or, the attractive affect of apathy is the slashed chord & not the omitted act; or, a twin tectonic shift – case study (II) : persephone the hysteric : acts out full bloom a coloring accumulates, the spectators seep inside of the screen, which is metonymy for spring, which is a metaphor for the accrual bodies into an infinite being which is becoming case study (III) : descending the trainscape a girl chuffed off to wed

case study (IV) : then all of the air is let out of the digital, what remains is a confession in the form of a palm-hole. what is between confession & drama? a whole season inside of which, the ingénue is pasted.

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