A GIRL sounds like the end of THE WORLD

because the world is ending she has to become. the actualization of the gerund an ending, a glittery deathmask, an undead present.

clairvoyant sounds to me like clear voyage or something very pure like vynil. burning vynil a smoke signal it is the end of the world. the ingenue wants to get out of the world time is not big enough. seared crotch zipped seer locked up like a nun.

conservatively lame, a crutch; purity, right, like that’s a thing.

one brown-haired girl has to cut herself open it doesn’t matter that she is “too young” “a girl” “a virgin” there is just too much voice inside it cannot be transmitted. of course she is “a poet” of course.

a matter of course : too much sound inside a body : : that is called perfect form.  the voice ought to be burned or drowned. shopaholic mermaids with attachment issues or a blonde girl at a kiss concert, someone should write this down, make a mend of it, a shakedown. criminalize containment! crazy as a contagion.

contagious needn’t talk it codes. a red light shone thru bedroom window. a mother widowed by her doubles a mirror.

this is how this works : a reflection of tense massaged out someone had to use forceps so the imprint was awful. then a special variety of lustre administered everyone became very sleepy. the whole town went to sleep all at once there was a sickness. when the whole town woke up everything was cured of its shiny.

a blue balloon popping. the world ends.

“we felt the imprisonment of being a girl” : :  a pelvic bone, a bloodshot dumbly opens

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