the holy maid of kent’s hallucinatory present : A THEORY OF THE MOMENT

present obsession the constancy of trance. infected mass talking cured by reading & expose the lesion puke it up like a gash.

obsessive metonymy a THEORY OF THE MOMENT. this means that all language resides inside of itself & creates a temporality. it is the skeleton of a mobile, liebnitz’ skeleton smashed against the fourth wall, peeled back the skin of humanity & tell all what’s behind a calamity.

the holy maid of kent having a fit

how ignoble now that it’s gone to erase the subject in a massochistic fit.

this is a necessary SYMPTOM of the moment. caused by an ALLERGEN the cure is injection. directly into the vein thou drug & cause the heart to sleep again. by sleep I mean flutter, by which the clock becomes an affect through which the structure passes. that is to say a mannerism is tested is a match extracted. not in a walk-in situation that would be impractical. the allergen administered in tiny vials spilled lazer screen & pressed into palm. or an exhausted retina circulates debased.

a little bit in an illegal space the hoarder mixes cure. then out like a pharmaceutical sold in bottles genericized a PRODUCT.

a theory of the wrapper how exoticized the outside. want to consume more iron to have more blood or some component of such the thing that makes one gory & therefore alive.

unjustified earns expenditure then used up like a ropewalk. infinitive perched on the ridge the whole heaved up. afterwards an eye braised blind & prophesying. automatic yes a ribbon of sounds some people like to see puppets all the time. then the frown turns dramatic, a necessary trance.

elizabeth barton with whom I am currently obsessed had visions brought on by a teenage fever. she communed directly with god who said the king would die a villain’s death. this was a dangerous thing for god to tell a teenage waif to say. then the priests took the girl & trotted out her mania like a hit parade. lately the world has been speaking, it seems, a consciousness manifesting everywhere through language. I mean concrete, & beginning to believe stein’s continuous present is a tangible thing. like hannah weiner could see it & offered up her madness so that all might read that which ___________ hath decreed. meaning a great WHOLE. something especially important, this concept of total.

the gallows @ tyburn

inside of the world totality comes to mean something different than that which is of the world. a total disease, time a screen to be watched & through which one communes with god. to watch this pouring out, become a kind of clothing, obsessed with a semiotic order perhaps so much so only can destroy it. then the grunge phase of the 90s regurgitated, ripped up, & flannel because it’s cold. not the temperature, life.

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