world, keep waving yr arms around.

the concept of reality, in this sense, results in a banalization of the sacred power of

illusion over the world.


in the senses of the defiant, one is a sacrificial being.

hyperconformism is a pardoy of extremity. if you think of it like a suicide pact

the same institutional wounds will write anew the exact same destiny.

to do it in the exact same way you must rebreathe the same trace of the same text.

the disidentity distends through time. time is inside of an historic idea.

like a great white bird it kicks you in the spirit.

retrieving always a new human he traverses the mirror with alicelike charm.

to retrieve the material forms of language you have to be inside of the screens.

you have to be made of earnames. you have to remember how not to break.

a total logic is not one of extremity. it is a deathchannel ++ it is an eternal return.

the littleyoung won’t take long to dis-integrate: think of it like a pact of blood,

of blood & bone, like the same that is dead. it’s the alliteration inside your

body property. a logic of radical conformism. a degradation of movement that’s

the same as irony. an intellectual debut, like the same disappeared.

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