[ep 3 : guns & gossip ]


My So-Called Life, 1994

Karen Walker Fall 2011 RTW


that’s all I could see. the whole that was that unraveled piece of fabric.

instead of changing the world people sit in class & write notes about other people.

a bottle of soda was shot tragically.

I don’t know why the world’s so crazy & I don’t know what to do about it.

that didn’t use to be exotic that wasn’t the providence of the rich just a place to become a grownup without worrying. why can’t we all have that?

we can’t have that it isn’t fair everyone would have one then what.

please can I have your undivided attention.

all the safety measures in the world will not cooperate the kids have guns.

thirty-six hours is a long time to live coping with the incident one at a time.

shoot the violence it is in the schools.

like everyone else is in black & white & that one person is in color –

she’s a basket case. she thinks she’s immortal. I could have died. I did die.

a forty year-old girl & guns are going off

& somewhere someone is sleeping with someone –

I don’t want to get hysterical about this I should be do you understand me I can taste.

you know you’re boring don’t you. intense as a coma. or like, a victim too.

or a gangster or a dealer but or a victim that was threatened.

is that the answer? does that solve anything?

I just don’t see the point of talking about it. sometimes talking, like, doesn’t mean it’s true.



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