the bad bad body presents a mirrored subject


The Lyric I :  Form : A Body : : Aesthetic Vulnerability : Anaesthetic  : a birdcage

The stage is couch it may be made of caramel in which case the bodies become stuck to it. Therefore the bodies become part of the furniture it is beneficial. The set decays as the bodies decay underneath the stage lights, which is to say, they melt, which is to say, the specials will have to be varied with each performance & eventually the performances may have to take place entirely in the dark or with flashes.

an ellipses is a darkness & if so text is a flash.

or darkness is white space emptied of it’s potential.

or the ellipses are a series of melted analogies : SECOND FAILED ANALOGY.

an object made by man for man is a text if it is a body. it is different from itself but it is itself an embodiment of the same. presentation creates an extension of the body which is an analog, analogous to the experience of pain when violence is enacted upon the sign. in this case, the sign is literal, represented by a 

this symbol appears under spotlights of white space, not a crucifixion but a fashion victim, a two-headed deer stuck onstage in last season’s dress, macerated by an act of unspeakable violence: “propane to remember it”[i], “a transverse facial scar to be kissed”; = is “a terrible burden like a cello” because it forces display. adornment indicates a desire to be looked upon. a “vulnerably embodied gaze” because it wants to be so : “I want to pretend you are a girl…because it will only last for a moment…” : if the subject is inherently creative the material boundary doesn’t exist :

THIRD FAILED ANALOGY : the revolution is based on immaterial boundaries which do not actually exist : translating the immaterial boundary into a physical entity requires that physical violence be enacted upon numerous bodies analogous to the principle of the immaterial boundary : the immaterial boundary requires these bodies in order to manifest :

intense pain is “language-destroying” so destroyed language is melted makeup a collapse of pain or violent language a weapon of the revolution as a sublimated form of fucking : :

[i] all text “italicized and in quotes” is from the poem “BAD BAD” by Chelsey Minnis.

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