the ingenue is a freakout (pt. II)

there are girls who are ingenues & there are girls who are not ingenues. the main difference has to do with their ability to change keys in the midst of some great personal trauma. or, their love for military drama. the ingenue has an obligation to every man in uniform, which is to say, she is a locker jammed up against the underside of the lipliner put on for the sake of a picture like the secretary’s dictation skills are only for the sake of the image of beauty expected by the executive. the board members who select the ingenue all have one thing on their minds and that thing is the area inhabited by an amputated remember that melt that was particularly rebellious? you’re an experimental abdominal. I don’t care if you hate the mirror you’re gonna look in it says the deleted parent. deleted is the new estranged. this means there is no physical name to appear in the moonbeam. the ingenue wears gold lipstick to the masque because she’s dying again.





ingenue or not?

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