Post-Poetry: Janet Kaplan

mme. mcsweeney opened with sonnets draped in structured chiffon —

showing sonnets for spring : popped purples are the new polarity.

the rebelgirls grow cardigans like commercials for the revolution.


the poetess arrived in meme glasses & tweed blazermini w.

floral undertones cobbled equine & chained to the accessory

& darlinged right into the audiencblur heart

& grew a root to hover technicloser.


reason no. 1 you should buy her book : she would really like that.


every fivesecond heart brooklyncharm & cutified liltlike syntactic charm


like a tin alarm

like lipstick on the eyelids

like a deleuzian divergence

like you’re really gonna have a freak

but quietly like starving violently in a very fashionable manner &

& abbreviated curse words                                                                  &

like the new girl is the unexpected weapon

like one little antgirl stumbled sweetly from stein’s picnicbasket.

like brooklynese brightened by a cupcake tree

like lashcoy combat & syntactic hairhat

the radpair tore up formally the hole isn’t really an opening it’s a ribboncutting

or a floodletting into a pretend catalogue or a bastion of openland america where the pantoums play  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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