I’m just going to tell you exactly what I’m doing right now.


I am listening to this song (you can listen to this song too.


I am sitting on my bed. other things are also on my bed.

these things include : my blackberry,
a sweet briar blanket
zirconia by chelsey minnis
Il Compendio della poesia tragicomica

(in italian, which is a language I do not speak)

a large hot pink petticoat


I am about to read a book. that book is the anxiety of influence by harold bloom. I decided to put the book on my bed because it is an old cloth-covered library book and the color of the cloth accented the petticoat very nicely. then I opened it randomly to page 93 and I read the following sentence: “If to imagine is to misinterpret, which makes all poems antithetical to their precursors, then to imagine after a poet is to learn his own metaphors for his acts of reading.” I like the font of the chapter headings, so I am going to read this book now. I am also probably going to read poems from zirconia out loud when I get bored of reading harold bloom’s book because poetry has given me an extremely short attention span. now I am going to turn back to page 1 of this book. this is what I am doing right now.




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