Post-Poetry: The Aerobic Fashioncircus March


in pictures from wonderland

the revolutionaries are all wearing clown makeup.

the hedgerow matrix metropolizes the everbooks.

epee shadowboxing is the sailorsummer thing. exposed

brick walls, columnfloat the Nunnery Waltz. smokescreen

Nike, clockgoddeses create the Tenses in Fedora. luggage

galore speaks the omnivore. do you ever feel like thesauruses

are evil? in this part of the epic there is a carnival. the

carnival is full of 1980s aerobics-tape instructors. the instructors

are all wearing neon legwarmers overtop of fishnets overtop

of lame-leggings and they are holding signs up above their

heads.  the musclewaves kick-ray to pyramidal

push-up spleen. butterfly the abdo-hop. friend, you’re

about to have a great adventure.      codex:


the outfit

it’s not

the same as


an odd






the OED


– extended use

the double-breasted

pink canvas

was lined with


cashmere (fuscia)


this was the


of the end

of the world.

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