AWP Fashion Coverage: Days 2 & 3

as the writers poured in delayed & snowdrudged, conference fashion reached new heights.

patterned tights are the pageantry standard. fishnets and colors of every variety. one chic press queen wore nudenets and knee socks with leather maryjanes to a friday afternoon reading and stole the stage even though she stayed silent.

the girls were all about skirts skirt skirts! tiered ruffles and knee-length styles superceded supershort.

the vibe was guttergirly/lacevixen/hipster. flats & feathers, thigh highs & pleats. creative braids were center stage and pinned to the heads of the hottest poetesses.


fashionable eveningwear for men is talldrunkglasses.

unfashionable eveningwear for men is knock-off talldrunkglasses.

how many outfit repetitions can replace the real thing?

like hot girls with faux-glasses. there can only be so many nerdchic queens.

wannabes ruin the hip minimission & taste like shots bottom-shelf whitman.


sequins stole saturday’s beautywear competition.

bookcessories: tonight’s the night & helskini


check out modcloth’s fashion highlights, featuring this B*tCh.

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