always judge a book by its ability to accessorize

I’ve had to spend a lot of time with artistotle lately because people in positions of academic power said so. which is cool. we hung out a little over winter break, just as friends. in florida I had a cute library copy with a nice blue and white vintage-y looking outfit. the pages were a little yellow but it just made it look like it spent a little too much time under the dim lighting in the dressing rooms at anthropologie. our relationship was working out really well back then because we had the understanding that there were no strings attached.

but then I had to actually purchase a copy of poetics at the ND bookstore, and obvs the only ones they had there were super unattractive. for a school with such a strong athletic tradition you’d think the books would be a bit buffer but this edition was flimsy and blah, and the color scheme was really unappealing.

see, what I want from a treatise on poetics is a pleasing aesthetic. take, for example, this book:

first of all, it has a really hot body. it’s pink, which is really the only acceptable color scheme for a discussion of poetry. also, it totally got in on this season’s faux-fur trend. and as you can clearly see, this book is really good at accessorizing. I really like the girly-tough high-heeled combat boot/pink ribbon combination. and the princess band-aid adds just a hint of whismy to the ensemble.

whereas the poetics just looked like this:

after a lengthy period of consideration, I realized that makeup was the only answer. the body was hopeless. it obviously hadn’t seen the inside of a gym in ages, and it was totally unwilling to trade in its blase-blah ensemble for something hipper. but a mere makeover can indeed work wonders.

like, haven’t you ever seen those unfortunate people who walk into a macy’s and are corralled by the chanel salesgirl out of sheer pity? they always end up looking way better.

I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. whatever. everyone knows looks are important. stay tuned for fashion coverage of awp dc, where this b*tCh will be blogging about the hottest books & looks 🙂


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