sunday devotional: this week’s obsessions <3

everyone else on the interwebs might be compiling lists of year-long love affairs with everything from books to celebrity breakups, but this b*tch’s attention span is too short for that. so on this most holy day-after the day some screaming kid came into the world and caused us all to go consumption-crazy from november to january, I’m going to tell you about the things I’ve been obsessed with this week. because whatever I was obsessed with six months ago is already so over.

1. phillip lim pre-fall 2011

the only thing better than being fashionable is being presciently so. thank the baby jesus for the existence of’s coverage of the pre-fall collections. chanel’s collection was so knockout it deserves an entire book, but phillip lim presented schoolboyfemchic like his favorite high school drama coach was quitting. last fall’s brown/grey/beige neutral palette expands to include navy, pink, and cargogreen with faux-fur and burn orange accent pieces. the grey fur jumper is genius, I’m dying for the black platforms and scrunchy ankle-socks shown with every outfit, and the Girl of the preview is so next season she ought to be jailed. clean makeup, effortless updos, and a body that looks more rugbygirl than ivory rack is sure to eclipse the waify emogirls gone bronze that have been gracing the runways of late.

1. brenda coultas – a handmade museum

I’m constantly torn between my desire to live like a privileged homeless teenager in the  city (the only city, duh) or escape to the countryside to play out little house on the prairie. brenda coultas’ 2003 debut satisfies both impulses. normally I read a book of poetry in one sitting, like an oversized petit-four (see obsession #3), but this five-part volume was so delectable I had to eat it in nibbles. coultas constructs the world out of itself with simple, solid craftsmanship and unobtrusively hip style, like an amish-made treehouse with interior design by anthropologie. see:

“Crickets sing.

Would it be easier to recognize Santa Claus or Jesus Christ if all you’ve ever

seen of them was pictures? I know both Santa and Christ equally, I have equal

collections of Santa & Christ knickknacks and both of them have bitten me.

I wish every day was a holiday and most of my days are wine and tea roses.

What day is it Brenda? A holiday, I reply. Alternate parking rules apply.”

from Summer Newsreel, a long-ish poem that seals the final (my favorite) section of the book. in the handmade museum, trash and barnyard detritus are the privileged bodies of the exhibit, and the highlighting of the underside of american life comes across as genuine rather than hipster, even though it makes me want to go plow a cornfield in a sundress and a fedora.

3. oversized petits-fours from doris’ italian market & bakery in coral springs, florida

white fondant. pink frosting flower. raspberry jam. vanilla cake light as a victorian swoon. petits-fours have been my favorite thing every since I read about them in “Happy Birthday, Samantha! : A Springtime Story” when I was 8. there’s really nothing else to say except I’m never eating again.


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