c(in)/e-matic mixdown: marcel the shell with shoes on

hello, this is me. I like that about myself and I like myself and I have a lot of –

I didn’t know that you were a camera; I have a lot of other qualities as well.

guess what I do for adventure!? guess what I use to tie my skis to my car!?

guess what I use as a beanbag chair!? guess what I wear as a hat!?

do you want to see me talk on the phone?

one time, I nibbled on a piece of cheese and my cholestoral went up to 900!

one time, I looked at a diamond and it gave me a sunburn.

my one regret in life is that I can’t…I can’t…I can’t lift anything up at all.

I’m afraid to drink soda because I’m afraid the bubbles will make me float

but sometimes I tie a hair to a piece of lint and drag it around.

I’m partially a shell as you can see on my body, but I also have shoes

and um, a face.

: : marcell the shell with shoes on was written by rad b*tch jenny slate.

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