leave the actual world & enter girl world


woke up feeling perfectly princessy in my uber-royal blue velvet&lace dressing gown [#4 in my quickly growing collection of hot vintage hangout clothes] & had a legit proper tea for breakfast.

by noon fate brought me to this video : disney’s most brilliant commodification of the princess

: because what B*tCh doesn’t wanna get married all glitterfreak & drowning in tulle flowers&gum-paste jewels?

I know I do



I ❤ the disney girls b/c they’re true B*tCh3$zz — and I’m not the first to recognize it :

see: mean disney girls : perfect fusion of what is possibly the most influential live-action film of the age & the very cinder[ella]blocks that form the foundation for the gender identity of a generation :

princesses play pretty eyebatting&bangblowing uberbitches while jasmine&aladdin rock it hipsterhot & guide precocious seatween through the the cafeteria

& obvs my princess bff (aurora, as if you had to ask) is the queen b all headtilty/conniving& carmelcustardhairtwirling

: cinderella’s just a dumb blonde B*tCh (w/o which no movies could function so this is important)

: belle a bit miscast as the j.a.p. but works the pseduofeminist kitsch :

of course prince eric is the token hottie b/c  he’s the most bangable of the animated eyecandy x ❤ o



there was an obligation to check up on the girls via google search & what I found was totally tabloid! obvs the princesses aren’t so pure  as is evidenced by the existence of their secret sex tape. ‘

google that @#% at yr own risk, B&tCh3$zz.

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