BOOKMIXMASHUP : kristeva/ito

hiromi ito, kristeva & laurie hogin’s carniverous bunnies in ruby-slipper glitter frames @ the south bend museum of art made this B*tCh3$z’ day. for all kinds of cuddly decadence mixed with mint-flavored fake blood and maybe a dash of the real stuff, put this mix on your playlist:

bookmixmashup: killing kanoko & powers of horror: an essay on abjection : separate self/yolkbabies sake-soaked & broken open staring up at you googlyeyed&gargantuan makes you wanna squishykiss&headbang the nearest baby & retreat for a smoke in a plush den of nothingness.

for your eyes: laurie hogin’s cuddly creatures will rip your face off if you don’t smother them with love :




backing track: apres moi — regina spektor

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