how to say no

[M]aster of [F]abulous [A]trocity breaktime! much-needed after mindOPEN[umb]ING conferences full of fabulous B*tCh3Szz, hot nerds & more tweed than senior-citizen day at minigolf. came away with DEATHSTAR/RICO -CHET totally rad rubber-walled & sonic/static-charged take-action made me wanna have a nonrobotic reaction

instead I stuck my head in a venus flytrap & came out sweet-horror sticky in honor of H[ell]-o-[slutsbe]t/ween 12-40. soon! : sneak previews of the millennium’s hottest horror film featuring chocolatemilkmurder-melodies sponsored by (but not presented in) TECHNICOLOR  : : : : [ ! ]

can coronet instructional videos reform this B*tCh : [turn me into housewife kitsch] : b/c everyone knows objects are super-hot.

the crowned princesses of social graces say it’s baby girl’s fault if the boys get handsy —

bouncy-haired & busty girls would do best not to leave the house

hard-drinking jocks like chimney gossips in dressing gowns & even the good

girls just wanna touch-a/touch-a.






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