poetic infidelity

daniel tiffany : this B*tCh read @ [MFA] school & it was rad :

google-image-search : infidel :


infidel-ity is hot


some notes on his lecture [straight from the notebook] —


circular shift to the lyric / horn-rimmed hip hop : a professorial

snapshot                        impeccably shabby in a gray tweed jacket.


an inside job. a phenomenon of inconstancy                    /identity

encapsulated        in the white shirtcollar     buttonhole of efficiency,


reproductive ontology ovarian in its obscurity;         the cannon –

a commodity : sensibility on the sale-rack, slutty clothes slathered


on the skin(sac) showboating in the food-court           shoved into

skinny jeans          summoning valley-girl vernacular robbed of line


integrity.              a surface sung in sprung-meter.             a striving

seriosity  / sugar-coated cereality sucked through a spoonstraw :


spewed across the academic lawn : a social spectacle summoning

occult slumming, wordpress french/kiss the coffee-shot syringe of


glistening hyperactivity :                “I can’t identify a genuine case

but I bet you I can spot a fake.”

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