A Partial List of Things Lost & Found Since I Moved to New York For Real This Time



– an iPhone

– 2 iPhone cases

– my favorite black mesh+lace bra

– my black blazer w/ silk polka-dot lining

– 1 set of keys

– assorted oil pastels

– my round boar-bristle brush

– my straightener

– my revlon very cherry lipstick

– my smashbox felt-tipped eyeliner

– my dignity

– assorted sunglasses

– 2 iPhone chargers

– my Notre Dame ID

– the receipt for a work-related taxi

– my screw capo

– a copy of the third hunger games book

– approximately 65% of the muscle tone I had before arriving

– a blue ribbon that I really liked

– the motivation to cook and grocery shop

– all respect for some people

– my essie nail polish collection

– the will to live




– the will to live

– assorted cabinet doors

– a framed and mounted photograph of a man with a handlebar moustache wearing a silver-sequined leisure suit, groping a blonde woman in red lipstick and a snakeskin jumpsuit, seated on an antique leather banquette

– an old carved wooden frame

– a bunch of cinderblocks

– a job

– the magical american apparel warehouse sale

– the best veggie burgers and yogurt/granola parfaits (at the deli on the corner of 1st & 2nd)

– an amazing pair of vintage cowboy boots (white, with red cherries and green birds)

– community

– the black pearls my mom gave me after surviving my first semester at sweet briar

– a new hair-care routine

– the back of a carved wooden chair

– a mythical lavender apartment in the east village

– a brand of peanut butter I like better than peanut butter & co. (justin’s)

– the headboard and footboard of a bed

– neon pink twine

– a new favorite dive bar

– my iPod headphones

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